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image_pdfimage_print's ALL INDIA PRELIMS TEST SERIES (AIPTS) 2021:

Dear Aspirants ,
IASTOPPER.COM’S is launching a test series keeping in mind TWO broad category of students who are preparing for UPSC civil services exam. This test series caters to both category aspirants – Fresher’s who haven’t taken any coaching yet but want to start preparation either in college or from home and Veterans who have completed either coaching or have finished basics on their own. This category also includes aspirants who have given attempts in civil services exam.
Keeping in mind diverse set of aspirants within these categories – such as those who have finished coaching, those who have written Mains, those who are skipping 2020 attempt to focus on 2021 attempt –IASTOPPER.COM‘S test series is designed to give you enough time to study every nook and corner of UPSC civil services prelims
We try to match the standards set by UPSC in our test series by keeping the questions of mixed difficulty level i.e. easy, moderate, difficult, and very difficult. The overall level of the test is kept a notch higher than UPSC so that students of IASTOPPER.COM’S can have an edge and can handle uncertainty much better than the rest. If you are able to maintain a good rank in the IASTOPPER’S test series, surely you’ll find the actual paper like a stroll in a park.
What you need is GENERAL AWARENESS that you can get only by studying standard texts and applying the gained knowledge in a test like situation repeatedly – which IASTOPPER’S test series platform gives you in a very user friendly way.


1. Online IASTOPPER.COM’S AIPTS – available in Both Languages . 

2. Total Number Of tests – 70 Tests
3. Questions are graded. easy, moderate, difficult and very difficult. The overall level of the test is kept a notch higher than UPSC so that students of IASTOPPER.COM can have an edge and can handle uncertainty much better than the rest.
4. Unlimited access to previous tests in the form of PDFs. 

5. Your doubts would be addressed under each test discussion page. 

6. Every Test will cover Current Affairs comprehensively from June 1, 2020. This helps you to read and revise current affairs from the beginning. 

7. Full Length Revision Tests will be conducted on weekly basis so that You’ll have a good revision of previous topics before moving to new ones . 

8. All India Ranking helps you to know where you stand as our subscriber base is huge (We Have support of more than 95 k aspirants on social media platforms. So, you will be competing with nearly 95k candidates from across India).

 9. Performance Analysis and Progress reports of students will be provided after 10 Tests .


1. Don’t be disheartened , if you’re scoring low . Your scores really do not matter as much as your relative rank does. Keep a track of your rank; only if your rank goes down is it a matter of concern, scores will keep fluctuating; it’s a standard trend across even the actual UPSC prelims examinations. So, No matter how much you scored in our testseries ; the thing that matter is how much you’ve learnt from your attempts in our testseries . Keep learning From mistakes ; and try to avoid these mistakes in future .

2. Don’t be surprised or Frustrated if you’re scoring low due to dynamical pattern of paper . The weightage of static portion will go down considerably as UPSC exhausts its traditional base of questions and moves to more dynamic sources. We have always relied on this idea when framing questions. We will step up the difficult level gradually though; the initial 4-5 tests may not be so difficult since they are based on 6-10th NCERTs. Difficulty level will be on the higher side and there will be a number of unseen/unconventional topics being asked in the tests. This is in accordance with the present exam pattern. So, It is better to feel insecure by scoring low in these tests than by a false sense of security with high scores.

3. Don’t treat it as a testseries . This is not just a mock test series where you evaluate what you have already learnt; this is a resource: carefully researched study material that would help you expand your knowledge base. Learning curve would be gradual, but robust. You would realise after 10 tests that you know so much more about your course material than you would have known had you followed only the standard sources. This alone should make you feel more satisfied about your preparation.

4. Use conventional elimination techniques as well as intelligent guessing (read that article) to make sure that you can mark 5-10 questions safely apart from what you can mark based on your knowledge.

5. We advise you to spend time with the test papers and detailed solutions so that you’ll be able to enhance your knowledge . So, Once you complete a test rather than jumping to conclusions and commenting on the platform about the usefulness or standard of the test take time to review the whole test. Try to make short notes from our testseries


1. IASTopper.COM‘s AIPTS definitely provides direction and discipline. In addition, this gives you much needed solemnity and confidence. To clear this exam you need more confidence. 

2. In IASTopper.COM’s AIPTS ,You will be competing with thousands of sincere students across the country (we have support of 95K + aspirants on social media platforms ). The ranking you get gives you a clear picture about where you stand in comparison to your coaspirants 

3. We have a team that carefully explores and frames questions in order to match UPSC standards and meet aspirant’s expectations. 

4. We will provide value addition material ONLY to IASTOPPER.COM’s AIPTS subscribers in their dashboard, apart from all the downloaded materials you get (previous year papers, current affairs, quizzes etc.)

 5. With IASTOPPER.COM’s AIPTS , you’ll be able to save your hundreds of hours as you won’t require to prepare separate schedule to engage in your preparation. 


One Day You’ll wake up , and there won’t be anymore time to do the things you’ve always wanted. DO IT NOW......

Don’t regret the decision of not joining us in future, Enroll Now In IASTOPPER.COM’s AIPTS


July 16, 2020
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