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image_pdfimage_print's Anthropology Optional Testseries :-

“The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences.” – Ruth Benedict

Dear Aspirants , 


Anthropology studies human beings in diverse aspects. These could be in terms of biology and evolution, society and culture, environment and ecology, demography and tribes, health and disease, human development from pre-natal stage to senescence, human genetics, research methods, religion, marriage, family among others. Hence, Anthropology has quite a diverse subject matter.

Why is Anthropology chosen by Aspirants as an Optional Subject ?

  • 1.In anthropology, the questions asked are generally direct.
  • 2.It is considered scoring when compared to core humanities subjects. It is scientific in nature, so the answers can be made more appealing by diagrams and flowcharts. These save time while writing answers and also fetch marks.
  • 3.Its syllabus is relatively short. It can be completed in 4 months time if the right strategy and study material are followed.
  • 4.It is a good option for candidates with a science or engineering background and don’t wish to take their graduation subjects as their optionals.
  • 5.It is an interesting subject and easy to understand.
  • 6.The performance of this optional has been consistent unlike some other popular subjects.
  • 7.The overlap with General Studies is lesser than subjects like political science, public administration and economy, but there is a degree of overlap nevertheless.
  • a)Topics like society and social justice (part of GS I, II) become easier if you have studied anthropology.
  • b)In GS ll paper, Welfare of weaker section of society  will be covered under Tribal Development topic of Anthropology.
  • c)In the Essay Paper, tribal dimensions can be quoted in a better way .
  • d)In Ethics’s case studies, tribal issues can be better handled with the Anthropology optional.
  • e)In GS lll, Internal Security issue can be better understand with the Anthropology optional.
  • f)A good portion of biotechnology and biology will also be covered.

g)You can write answers on current events in the light of anthropology and score good marks because of a different perspective. For instance, issues like cow slaughter ban, social control, etc. can be written with an anthropological basis.

Strategy To Prepare For Anthropology:-

  • 1.Go through the UPSC syllabus for anthropology thoroughly. This is your key to performing well in the exam. You must also go through the previous year question papers and get an idea of the most important topics.
  • 2.Divide the syllabus into sections so that you can cover it easily without getting bogged down. Paper I consists of Social Cultural Anthropology and Biological Anthropology. Paper II consists of Indian Society and Tribal India.
  • 3.Focus on getting conceptual clarity.
  • 4.Try to relate each chapter with others. All chapters are inter-related in this paper.
  • 5.Note making is important for this subject. Incorporate relevant diagrams and flowcharts wherever possible in your notes. They help revision easier and are also a must-have for scoring good marks in anthropology.
  • 6.If you are a novice to the subject, it is recommended that you attempt as many questions from physical anthropology. Here, there is ample scope for diagrams and the questions are largely static.

Considering all these factors we have come up with a comprehensive Test series for Anthropology.

We have divided the entire syllabus into small coverable parts that can be covered in days given in schedule. Within time frame, candidates can appear for a Test on the topics in well prepared manner. This will

a)help in checking their preparation on the topics mentioned.
b)get feedback and marks on the paper they have written.
c)cover the syllabus in a disciplined manner, which is otherwise difficult.
d)become aware of issues and questions on the topics being prepared.

This is also especially useful for those who have just begun, as they are often not aware of important issues from examination point of view and end up studying things a little randomly and endlessly.

IASTOPPER.COM will provide a locus and focus approach while dealing with the syllabus.

Timely tests help you understand what to focus on while studying, and make studying exam oriented, and organized and get Top 10 Rank in Civil Services exam

Primary Focus of Integrated Guidance Program:-

The Primary Focus of the Program will be

  • a)Covering the entire syllabus via the Test Series in a disciplined manner before the Mains Examination.
  • b)Providing vital inputs and feedback to improve answer quality and possible scores before it too late to make changes in one’s writing style. Beginning early helps in both improving the answers as well as absorbing the inputs given and implementing them..
  • c)Providing Detailed Solutions to cover all dimensions of questions asked.
  • d)Aiding Preparation by providing notes/articles on important topics related to Current Affairs.

SOME SPECIAL FEATURES OF IASTopper’s Anthropology Optional Testseries :-

  1. 1.This holistic program comprises of 3 Tiers Approach to provide comprehensive understanding of all important topics and improve ANSWER WRITING SKILLS. The philosophy behind this program is to go beyond test series by providing continuous guidance to the students in just 4 months.
    1. *Tier 1: UPSC Pattern Mock Test designed as per the latest pattern of questions being asked in Anthropology Optional paper.  Questions act as trigger for learning what is required for the Main Exam.
    2. *Tier 2: Personal Mentoring Sessions to each student for personalized feedback and continuous improvement in Answer Writing.
    3. *Tier 3: Quality Enrichment Video Discussions for each paper to add value through ‘Keywords’ and ‘Structure/Presentation Improvement’ of answers
  1. 2.The most relied All India Test Series, so that every candidate can know where he stand among the REST OF HIS COMPETITORS.
  2. 3.There will be 12 sectional tests and 6 full length tests.
  4. 4.Detailed Syllabus for each test along with sources to study will be uploaded on our platform’
  5. 5.Mode of communication will be online
  1. 6.On due date :
  •  *Question paper , answer sheet and detailed solution will be sent to the enrolled students through e-mail .
  • *You will have to send your answer sheet in pdf format (you can use camscanner app)
  • *Evaluated Answer sheet will be reverted back within 10 working days.
  1. 7.Detailed and high quality solutions for each test will be provided ..
  1. 8.Complete flexibility in taking up the tests as per your suitability until tenth day of particular test .
  3. 9.There will be an extraordinary attention on answer writing with continuous feedback and improvement. There will be weekly One on One discussion with mentor..
  1. 10.All doubts will be clarified via E-mail, whatsapp , telegram or telephone .
  2. 11.The focus will be on bringing conceptual clarity and answer writing especially for first time aspirants so that they can compete with experienced candidates on equal footing in Mains 2020

IASTOPPER.COM is offering the best of the facilities for all aspirants to master the art of answer writing to score 300+ in Optional Subject in Mains.

It is time for you to gear up your preparation and master the art of answer writing under the guidance of the IASTopper’s experts faculty.

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June 14, 2020
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