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Dear Aspirants ,

Writing an essay often seems to be a dreaded task among the students. A flow needs to be maintained in an essay with each sentence to be followed logically from the previous one.

There are many steps a student can take that will help break down the task into manageable parts. Following this process is the easiest way to draft a successful essay.

.Read the topics thoroughly:

  • This is the most important step in the process. You should choose one out of four topics. While selecting your topic, make sure you know most about that topic out of the given topics.

 What not to select:

  • A sensitive or controversial topic like say, feminism.
  • A topic about which you are too passionate or feel strongly about. In this case, you may tend to get excited and fail to write a balanced essay. This can work against you.

Think for some time:

  • Once you’ve selected your topic, you should not start writing straight away. It is prudent to think for some time and collect your thoughts. Write in pencil the points you want to write. This is important because only then you can write your points in the correct sequence. For instance, if you are writing about India’s relations with her neighbours, you need to write the historical facts and events in the beginning.
  • Suppose you start writing the essay, and realise only towards the end that you have forgotten to mention a crucial detail in the historical part; it would be too late to add it because of a space crunch.
  • Therefore, it helps if you write your rough points in the beginning.

Once you have the rough points in hand, you can start writing the essay. While writing, you must adhere to a good structure.

The structure of a good essay is as follows:

  • ?Introduction
  • ?Historical
  • ?Main issue/problem/subject
  • ?Current scenario/current news related to the topic
  • ?Positive and negative aspects
  • ?Obstacles
  • ?Reforms/way forward


  • You can get brownie points if you also include:
  • Relevant quotes/sayings by famous personalities (ensure to quote verbatim – wrong quotes make you look careless or lazy).
  • Relevant government schemes and policies.
  • Any figures or numbers (must be accurate otherwise don’t include them).

Important pointers to note while you write:

  • ??Don’t resort to name-calling. Never get personal in your essay.
  • Don’t have extreme views.??
  • 1.The Buddha’s middle path can help you here!
  • 2.Don’t just present problems. Give possible reforms/solutions also.
  • 3.Don’t criticise the government/administration excessively.
  • 4.Even if the topic is provocative, your essay shouldn’t be. Present a balanced picture. You don’t HAVE to agree to the topic.
  • 5.Avoid writing utopian solutions.
  • 6.Keep in mind you are a future officer, not a journalist!
  • Considering all these factors we have come up with a Comprehensive Program Of Essay Writing.a)Inculcating Writing Competency in Essay for IAS, which is different from, Essay in School and College.b)IASTopper’s Essay Writing Program (Under Personal Guidance of Expert faculty) doesn’t only focus on improving student’s linguistic skills but also focus on improving student’s ability to comprehend the topic- sentence (subject) recall & relate the facts, concepts, propose thesis statements, and logically assimilate the ideas & counter ideas with clarity in expression on temporal & Sectoral Scales of knowledge.
    c)10 Theme-Wise Essay Tests . After the expert evaluation of papers, each test topic is discussed in detail through Video lectures.d)Further students are provided one-on-one INTERACTION* Session with Mentors of IASTOPPER.COM . Students get personal feedback on their strength and weaknesses,regarding what is ‘good about their essay and what more should be done to make it a better one’ by our Mentors.

    Why To take up this course ?

  • Essay is Low hanging Fruit. Marks in Essay is Effectively Contributing in Final Selection in New Pattern of Mains Exam. With a Well Developed ‘Knowledge Matrix and Rigorous Practice’, One can Score upto 160 + in Essay. So IAS Aspirants should never Ignore Essay PreparationFeatures Of our PROGRAM :a)UPSC Essay Test Series has been designed to develop, improve and fine tune the Essay Writing Skills of the students and help them in writing Quality Enriched Essay in the examination.

    b)This exercise will equip the students with necessary expertise to write good essays on any type of topic/issue and score 150 – 170 marks easily.

    c)To achieve this objective, 7 Self-Assessment Essay Tests will be conducted.

    d)The Test Series follows Two-Tier Approach comprising Sectional Tests and Full Mock Tests.

    e)All the test papers will be strictly in accordance with the new pattern of IAS Mains Examination.

    f)Individual time slots

    will be allotted to each student for one-to-one discussion with Faculty.

    g)Students would be tested comprehensively in all the topics and improvements would be done tailored to their strengths and weaknesses.

    h)Evaluated Answer Sheets would be provided within ten days of writing the test.

    i)Students will be expected to keep closely to the subject of the essay to arrange their ideas in orderly fashion, and to write concisely. Credit will be given for effective and exact expression.

    j)Essay would be evaluated in more than 25 dimensions which are strictly in line with the parameters provided by UPSC.

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