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Dear Aspirants ,
Current Affairs play an important role in UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation as the questions from this section appear in all the stages of the examination- Prelims, Mains and in the Interview. The Questions can be direct or even indirectly linked to the static or basic part of a particular topic. Though current affairs are important and holds a significant portion of syllabus but there is no defined syllabus of current affairs for both prelims and mains examination. The UPSC syllabus for prelims just mentions, ” Current events of national and international importance”. Therefore, it completely depends on the candidate how does he approach his preparation towards the current affairs.
There is a fact to keep in mind that UPSC has been asking questions by linking current affairs part with the traditional subjects like History, Polity, Geography, Economy, Science & Technology, Environment, etc. It shows that current affairs are of utmost importance for all the three stages of UPSC civil services examination.
To meet this objective , we are continuing our effort to bridge the gap in your preparation level and providing guidance IASTOPPER.COM is going to launch a CURRENT AFFAIRS BREAD AND BUTTER PROGRAM

What will you get in our current affairs Bread And Butter program :

  • Available in Online mode 
  •  Coverage of 18 months of Current Affairs with MCQs format. 
  • You can practice these current affairs in online quiz mode. 
  • Study Material 
  • Daily Current Affairs Compilation, Monthly Current Affairs Compilation and Annual Current Affairs Compilation. 
  •  Economic Survey, Budget. 
  •  All other important study materials. 
  •  Batch will start from July 2020

Current affairs sources :

  • The Hindu , The Indian Express.
  • IASTopper’s daily compilation.
  • IASTopper’s monthly compilation. 
  • All India Radio— Spotlight/Discussion.
  • Misc (RSTV’s Big Picture, India’s World, and PRS India).
  •       Some aspirants spend an indefinite amount of time in researching the “best material’ for current affairs. Yes, it’s difficult to cover current affairs from self study. But Don’t worry, IASTopper is standing by you all . We provide daily current affairs, weekly current affairs, monthly current affairs, etc. We also provide current affairs in Quiz format . So that , aspirants can learn these important facts easily.
    So ,

Don’t regret the decision of not joining us in future, Enroll Now In IASTOPPER,COM’S Current Affairs Bread And Butter Program.


June 13, 2020
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