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IASTopper.com's History Optional Testseries :-

““A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”- Marcus Garvey

Dear Aspirants , 

  • Choosing a good optional subject has always been a tough task for a UPSC Aspirant and for History, many aspirants are confused about how to prepare for History optional. Among all the optional subject History is one of the most popular optional among the students preparing for the IAS Exam.
  • One of the benefits of taking History Optional is that you can streamline it with your General Studies Paper.
  • Before preparing for any optional subject, the aspirants must know the pattern of the UPSC question and how UPSC asks questions. The IAS aspirants must go through the previous year’s question papers before selecting the optional subject.
  • History is a subject that can be boring for some aspirants and just cramming the subject would not help. For better results and higher rank, one must understand the topics and the demand for the examination and prepare accordingly.

There are some basic misconceptions regarding History which don’t hold a valid ground in UPSC examination:

  • 1.History is all about rot learning– it’s one of the biggest misconceptions. History papers are no more about rot learning. The trend has shifted from direct representation of facts and figures to analysis of the facts and draw an inference out of it. It has become more of logic- reasoning paper where you have the facts and you need to apply logics and reason focusing on “why” and “how” aspects.
  • 2.It’s all about kings and battles– it’s another myth as now the focus is on multiple dimensions- economic and social lives, cultural developments, scientific advancements, status of women and lives of common people.
  • 3.History is not scoring– it’s not as much scoring as few other subjects but if you want a decent score it’s a good optional as you can predict the range quite enough. Number of candidates scoring 300+ has increased in recent times.
  • 4.It needs too much time-Any subject that we start afresh needs time and efforts but in my opinion as we have studied history in our school days atleast we are aware of the basics. So, time frame needed to prepare history will vary from candidate to candidate but focus should be on ‘SMART PREPARATION’. 5.Compulsory map work will definitely need time but as the syllabus overlaps with GS 1 it can be compensated.
  • 6.Is coaching compulsory? It totally varies from candidate to candidate. If you have time plus resources plus willingness to attend then you can go ahead with it. Those who want to prepare on their own can prepare easily as study material is easily available and resource list too. So there is no lack o

Remember you are choosing History or any subject as an optional to qualify the UPSC examination and not to become a research scholar in it. Focus on hard work plus smart work in which previous year question papers are the biggest assets.

  • To meet this objective , IASTOPPER.COM has designed a History Optional testseries program .
  • * This program has been specially designed under the personal guidance of expert faculty of IASTOPPER.COM for those students who have completed their preparation for Mains Examination and now want to give finishing touch to their preparation.
  • * The aim of this program is to improve the Writing Skillsof the students and to help them in writing Quality Enriched answers within the stipulated time limit.


  1. 1.This holistic program comprises of 3 Tiers Approach to provide comprehensive understanding of all important topics and improve ANSWER WRITING SKILLS. The philosophy behind this program is to go beyond test series by providing continuous guidance to the students in just 4 months.
    1. *Tier 1: UPSC Pattern Mock Test designed as per the latest pattern of questions being asked in History Optional paper.  Questions act as trigger for learning what is required for the Main Exam.
    2. *Tier 2: Personal Mentoring Sessions to each student for personalized feedback and continuous improvement in Answer Writing.
    3. *Tier 3: Quality Enrichment Video Discussions for each paper to add value through ‘Keywords’ and ‘Structure/Presentation Improvement’ of answers
  1. 2.The most relied All India Test Series, so that every candidate can know where he stand among the REST OF HIS COMPETITORS.
  2. 3.There will be 12 sectional tests and 6 full length tests.
  4. 4.Detailed Syllabus for each test along with sources to study will be uploaded on our platform’
  5. 5.Mode of communication will be online
  1. 6.On due date :
  •  *Question paper , answer sheet and detailed solution will be sent to the enrolled students through e-mail .
  • *You will have to send your answer sheet in pdf format (you can use camscanner app)
  • *Evaluated Answer sheet will be reverted back within 10 working days.
  1. 7.Detailed and high quality solutions for each test will be provided ..
  1. 8.Complete flexibility in taking up the tests as per your suitability until tenth day of particular test .
  3. 9.There will be an extraordinary attention on answer writing with continuous feedback and improvement. There will be weekly One on One discussion with mentor..
  1. 10.All doubts will be clarified via E-mail, whatsapp , telegram or telephone .
  2. 11.The focus will be on bringing conceptual clarity and answer writing especially for first time aspirants so that they can compete with experienced candidates on equal footing in Mains 2020

IASTOPPER.COM is offering the best of the facilities for all aspirants to master the art of answer writing to score 300+ in Optional Subject in Mains.

It is time for you to gear up your preparation and master the art of answer writing under the guidance of the IASTopper’s experts faculty.

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June 14, 2020
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