IASTopper.com’s Interview Program (IIP) 2020

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MOCK Interview for IAS/CSE 2020 :

It is often noticed that some students despite doing well in written examination not able to perform well in interview because of inadequate communication skills and lack of confidence


IASTopper.com’s Interview Program (IIP) focuses on developing a holistic module for the candidates not only to sharpen their social and logical skills, but also to transform their mindset as an administrator. With years of expertise in knowing what UPSC seeks in the candidate,Our IIP gives personalized training to every candidate to bring out the best in him/ her as an administrator and a future change-maker of the country..

What makes us different?

The mock interview will provide real life simulation to the candidate

The panels will consist of retired bureaucrats and psychoanalyst with years of expertise

Live recording of the mock interview will be provided immediately after the interview to the candidate for review and further self-improvement.

A detailed analysis of DAF will be provided, and guidance will be given on the same

June 14, 2020
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