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Dear Aspirants , 

Preparing for UPSC CSE ? Daily Mains answer writing practice is the key to success. Practice of writing answers without being evaluated doesn’t make you perfect. On the request of students, IASTOPPER.COM’S announces “Daily Answer Writing Program”
Our efforts will not only save your quality time but also earn credit in generating quality answers. This Program will be very beneficial for Self Study Aspirants.


  • a)At first, it develops the habit of answer writing.
  • b) You remember your errors that you did yesterday. 
  • c)Our Daily answer writing Program, will invariably cover the entire syllabus with current topics. 
  • d)It ensures discipline, which is the most desired quality in an aspirant. 
  • e)It helps in improving the content, structure and presentation of the answers in a gradual manner. 
  • f)Special focus on beginners by expert faculty of IAS TOPPER.COM. 
  • g)Score cards will be provided to aspirants to track their progress

Why should you join IASTopper ?


  • a)Develops discipline and regularity. 
  • b)Our Mains Daily Answer Writing Program is for general studies and essay. 
  • c)It covers STATIC portion as well as current affairs. 
  • d)Questions are asked on a daily basis from Monday to Saturday. SATURDAY will be the day of Results and Feedback. SUNDAY will be allocated to All India Mains Answer Writing Competition. 
  • e)Your Written Answer copy will be evaluated by IAS TOPPER .COM team of experts. f)Detailed evaluation from our Mains experts with dedicated Mentoring. g)Personalized one to one feedback for continuous improvement. 
  • h)A fully devoted team to support any Mains/Prelims related queries. 
  • i)Detailed model answers and test discussions by subject experts. 
  • j)Video discussions for all tests will also be availed on the student portal. Model answers will be provided to all the enrolled aspirants. 
  • k)The best copies will be uploaded on website. 
  • l)Score cards will be provided to aspirants to track their progress. 
  • m)It helps in improving the content, structure and presentation of the answers in a gradual manner. 
  • n)Covers all GS-I, GS-II, GS-III, GS-IV, current affairs and essay. 
  • o)Helps to Develop the art of answer writing. 
  • p)Daily evaluation, best copy, model answer, and feedback will be provided . q)Multiple time comprehensive coverage of entire syllabus. 
  • r)One on one interaction with faculty. 

To Do :

a)Write for content enrichment and conceptual clarity. 

b)Write if you are seeking an interview call, a fresher or looking for rank improvement


Questions Uploading Time : Between 8am to 12 pm
About the questions:

  • a)They will be limited to 2 to 3 questions on a daily basis 
  • b)You are expected to spend not more than 10 minutes on each question – in essence limiting your answer writing time to between 30-40 minutes 
  • c)We will keep all questions meaningful and relevant to the examination 
  • d)The questions posted on MM 2020 will cover the current affairs part of GS Paper 3, 2, 1 and anything that is relevant for GS – 4 too.


  • a)Upload your answer in ‘UPLOAD ‘ Portal of iasopper.com 
  • b)Your answers will be evaluated before the time to post questions on next day

Sum up the weekly SCHEDULE :

a)On MONDAY : -GS-I PAPER (2 questions) + CURRENT AFFAIRS SECTION (2 questions). 
b)On TUESDAY – GS-II PAPER (2 questions) + CURRENT AFFAIRS SECTION (2 questions). 
c)On WEDNESDAY – GS-III PAPER (2 questions) + CURRENT AFFAIRS SECTION (2 questions). 
d)On THURSDAY – GS-IV PAPER (4 questions).
 e)FRIDAY would be assigned to the ESSAY PAPER. 
f)On SATURDAY – Results and Feedback 
g)On SUNDAY – All India Mains Answer Writing Competition.

Don’t regret the decision of not joining us in future, Enroll Now In IASTOPPER.COM’s Daily Answer writing Program


June 13, 2020
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