Online Classes for 2021

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In order to create an engaging learning experience, the role of instructor is optional, but the role of learner is essential.” - Bernard Bull

Dear Aspirants , 

We have been getting lot of calls and requests regarding online classes to prepare For UPSC –CSE 2021.
You have to go through a large number of study materials including NCERTS , Standard books , Newspapers . Your schedule becomes hectic . In those materials , you aren’t taught about the relevance and importance of topics or issues and why should it be covered or not missed? So , it becomes difficult to cover the entire syllabus in a short span of time of time without Guidance (especially for beginners). But Don’t Worry , IASTopper’s team is standing by you all .
Continuing our effort to bridge the gap in your preparation level and providing guidance, We are Going to launch a special program of online classes in the upcoming days .

  •  These classes will be very productive in terms of notifying the most important aspects from static portion + current affairs . 
  •  These classes will surely help you to understand the importance of interconnecting issues and aspects from the examination point of view. 
  •  The core underlying factor in these classes will be having the greatest number of hits in UPSC –CSE


  • a)IASTOPPER.COM’S online classes are cheaper when compared to the ones held in a traditional campus setting. Our motive is to provide the facilities to aspirants at a cheaper rate so that every student can easily afford it .  Live Classes: Live classes conducted by the best educators of India.
  • b)Recorded Lectures: The recordings of every lecture available directly post the Live lecture. 
  • c)Study Materials & Notes: Superlative exam-oriented study material, Crisp and Organized Notes/Content, to make your revision easier- This will be provided on the Platform at a moment’s notice.. You can start preparing from these notes 
  • d)Live Quizzes: Live quizzes will help you to enhance your progress and improve your scores 
  • e)Private Discussion Forum: The chance to be a part of a peer-to-peer learning program supervised by the Educator where any discussion about the course is always welcome. IASTOPPER.COM’S Learners will also become a part of a Private Discussion Group where, Educators will also engage with them directly Live. Lecture notes are also available on the group post every Live class.
  • f)Doubt Clearing Sessions: In-depth doubt clearing sessions are conducted by the Educator in addition to Live Classes. 
  • g)Tips & Tricks: Tips on time management and how to score high. Strategies for smart guessing and elimination
  • h)You’ll get special attention of educators in classes .

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June 14, 2020
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