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IASTOPPER.COM is India’s biggest and unique online institute especially for self study aspirants.
It is not only a coaching centre but also it’s a kind of Training Centre where we teach students how to internalize concepts, instead of spoon-feeding them everything.

We provide special Prelims Quizzes for UPSC. Our Quizzes are prepared by the experts of IASTOPPER.COM for UPSC Aspirants of 2020 , 2021, 2022 & 2023 . If you follow one by one as per timetable from the beginning till end, then . These Quizzes will help you to gain more confidence



 • UPSC PRE 10 Year Solved Papers (PDF Copy). You can also attempt all previous year important questions through online quiz mode.

 • Prelims preparation through daily online Quizzes with MCQs format. 

• Daily Current Affairs with Practice MCQ. 

• Complete coverage of syllabus with MCQs. 

• We will also cover CSAT Syllabus with MCQs.

 • Detailed explanations by our experts faculty.

 • Detailed Video explanation.
• You will learn the use of elimination method to attempt the questions. 

• Nature of questions will be strictly based on UPSC pattern. 

• Test Paper pdf copy will be provided. 

• You can Join anytime before IAS Prelim Exam.

 • All New & Old material will be provided to you in your Online Account. 

• Login ID & Password will be provided to enrolled candidates to access our online platform.

NOTE : a) Questions will be uploaded From Monday To Saturday Before 7Pm daily.                 b) Don’t spend more than 10 minutes to solve these Questions so that you will have maximum output in Upsc Preliminary Exam.

Test 7

Indian Polity Test-2

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 It is time for you to gear up your preparation under the guidance of the IASTopper’s experts faculty.

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September 7, 2020
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